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Forms & Procedures

2016-17 School Supplies

Here are the 2016-17 school supply lists.  Also, we have attached the information regarding the PTO school supply sale.

2016-2017 SUPPLY LISTS for South Park School


Absences, Homework & Vacations

If your child will not be in school, please report the absence to the South Park health office by phone, email or through the Paperless PTO app before 9:00 am.  If you do not contact our health aide by this time, she will contact you at home or at work to ascertain your child’s whereabouts. At this time, we ask that you make your homework request known to the health aide.  She will notify the classroom teacher to have the materials ready and on the counter in the office by 3:15 pm.  Homework also can be sent with another child or picked up in the school lobby after 4:00 pm.  Children must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Family vacations during school days are discouraged; however, if your child must miss school due to a vacation, parents/guardians are asked to contact the South Park health aide a few days in advance. Please know that teachers may not always be able to create individual lessons or homework before pre-arranged absences.

Inclement Weather/Clothing

If it is raining or we are experiencing severe cold (temperature or wind chill below 10 degrees), students should enter the building at the nearest door and line up outside their classrooms.

During snow season, children should wear winter coats, snow pants, boots, gloves, and hats each day.  Children who are not dressed appropriately will be restricted to the blacktop area in order to keep their clothes dry.  We suggest parents keep an extra set of clothes in school in case their child gets wet during recess.


Students will only be dismissed to a parent or legal guardian, or to emergency contacts designed in Family Access.


We believe that it is important to recognize each child on his or her birthday.  To do that, we will announce each child’s name over the PA system, and we will invite him or her to choose and keep a special birthday book.  Please note: Birthday treats are not allowed in school.

SP Rules of the Road

The safety of our students, staff, and parents is our highest priority.  We have established the South Park Rules of the Road to remind pedestrians and drivers to be safe when walking and driving around the school.  Here are three basic safety rules we ask you to follow.

1) Always require your children to enter and exit your vehicle from the passenger side to the school-side sidewalk. In other words, don’t let them step in the street.

2) To improve traffic flow, drive clockwise around the school — keeping your car on the school-side of the road. Always turn right into the school. Cars that travel counterclockwise congest the flow and increase the danger.

3) Follow the posted speed limit for school hours, and never drive through a bus stop arm.

Please read the document below for specific drop-off and pick-up procedures.